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Global leader in clean air solution for years
Case Study

Hospital Realizes Cost Savings with VariCel® M-Pak Filters

Customer Profile


  • 462-bed hospital
  • Part of a major regional healthcare network that includes over 70 facilities
  • Internationally renowned, high-tech referral center



Filtration Upgrade in Hospital

A hospital needing to upgrade its filtration gave AAF International the opportunity to provide a solution for two extremely wet Air Handling Units (AHUs). The units, located in a basement area, were installed with Koch® 95% DuraMAX™ 2V filters and were emitting a musty, mildew-type odor, requiring frequent and costly changeouts.

Due to the wet environment, the Koch filters were quickly loading within three months of installation, causing the musty, mildew-type odor that was coming from the HVAC system. In order to decrease the odor, the hospital was forced to replace the filters every three months. The frequent changeouts resulted in higher cost of ownership for the Koch filters. Not only were filters being purchased every three months, there were increased labor costs associated with the additional changeouts.


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Challenges 1 – Failure of existing filters

Challenges 2 – High filter changeout rates

Challenges 3 – High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

AAF International’s key objective was to find an economical solution to relieve the hospital of the costly changeouts and offensive smells. AAF International recommended the VariCel® M-Pak filter, a 6″-deep filter constructed with a moisture resistant wet-laid fiberglass. The recommended VariCel M-Pak filter can withstand exposure to free moisture in the atmosphere, making it ideal for installation in applications where moisture is an issue. The dual-density media design utilizes the full filtering potential of the media and maximizes dust holding. Maximized dust holding capacity (DHC) extends the life of the filter and minimizes operating costs.

The hospital HVAC staff was presented with AAF International’s recommendation, along with independent test reports to compare the Koch 2V filter and AAF VariCel M-Pak filters. The staff was hesitant to switch to a 6″ depth filter, but they were willing to order the recommended filters for a trial in one AHU.

The VariCel M-Pak filter solution was able to capture almost two times as much dust as the Koch filter at a final resistance of 1.5″ water gauge. As a result, the filter life was extended, and the hospital was able to utilize the VariCel M-Pak filters for seven months versus three—a significant cost savings for the hospital!

Additionally, the smaller footprint of the VariCel M-Pak filter meant less space required for storage. VariCel M-Pak filters weigh less than traditional 12″-deep filters. That means reduced maintenance cost and time savings, as the VariCel M-Pak filter is easier to handle. As a result of its reduced depth, the VariCel M-Pak filter is packed two to a carton, lowering freight costs and reducing the amount of space required for storage. The VariCel M-Pak filter also reduces disposal costs.

As seen in the graph below, the VariCel M-Pak filter holds more dust than the Koch 2V filter. The hospital ran trials of their own on the filter, and the results were the same. The hospital therefore immediately made the switch to the VariCel M-Pak filters.

Recommended Product & Solution


Clean air is vital in hospital and healthcare facility operations to protect patients, staff and visitors from airborne diseases and infections, as well as to provide a comfortable, healthy and odour-free environment.


VariCel® M-Pak

With the same media area as the traditional 292 mm deep filter in a 149 mm deep design, the VariCel M-Pak filter delivers comparable efficiency, pressure drop and overall performance in a much smaller package.


Odour Control

Odour control is a significant environmental concern for many types of industries and businesses, including wastewater treatment facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants and airports.


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