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Global leader in clean air solution for years
Case Study

FFU Concept Enables Cleanroom to Reach Required ISO Classification

Customer Profile

Microtechnology Park

  • Microtechnology Park working with AAF partner, ENGIE Axima
  • Officially endorsed by the International Association of Science Parks and RETIS
  • The gold standard for French technology parks

Filtration Solution for Microelectronic products

At this Microtechnology Park, future microtechnology and nanotechnology products are developed. Research is conducted in high-tech disciplines such as micro- and nanoscience, optics, robotics, biomedical, and e-health.

In order to provide scientists the optimal conditions for their research, the technology park installed and operates a cleanroom. The cleanroom was already equipped with fan filter units (FFUs) from an AAF competitor.

When the cleanroom was designed, engineers requested a competitive filtration product, but discovered over time that the installed FFU solution they had chosen was inadequate to reach the desired cleanroom class.

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Challenges 1 – Inadequate existing FFU solution

Challenges 2 – Higher requirement of ISO cleanroom classification

Challenges 3 – Protection of microelectronic products

At the time this customer decided to expand their cleanroom space, AAF got involved via ENGIE Axima to plan a better air supply solution. FFUs were the product of choice to avoid extensive construction with ductwork.

After reviewing the local conditions, it was clear that with standard sized FFUs, it would not be possible to adequately filter the complete area of the rooms and reach the required cleanroom classes. A customized solution was therefore necessary.

AAF experts developed a concept that included 76 customized FFUs (equipped with H14 and U15 filters, suitable for roomside change) with a corresponding ceiling grid, teardrop lights, and a control system. According to AAF’s design concept, five different cleanroom zones could be defined. Each zone was equipped with a separate FFU group, enabling the customer to reach different ISO classifications. Together with ENGIE Axima, the plan was presented to the customer.

Based on the design plan, AAF worked with a partner company (AFS) to handle the installations of the ceiling grid, the customized FFUs, and teardrop lights. Power supply for all FFUs, as well as the installation of the BUS-system necessary for controlling and monitoring the air supply, was also done by AAF and the partner company.

Since installation, all cleanroom areas perform as planned, reaching and maintaining the required ISO classifications with no issues.

Recommended Product & Solution


For high-yield, low-reject semiconductor manufacturing, fine particulate and Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) need to be carefully controlled with AAF International’s filtration solutions.


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Within the pharmaceutical industry, strict requirements on air purity levels are necessary because of the direct effect that airborne contamination has on the quality of the pharmaceutical products. Anything that could come into direct contact with a pharmaceutical product is a potential risk toward contamination.


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