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Global leader in clean air solution for years

Filter Testing Services


AAF assists customers through extensive internal and external testing processes:

  • Ensures equipment and quality control measures are met
  • Provide the most efficient and therefore cost effective systems for the application

Our experts can help by utilizing state-of-the-art procedures to readily assist customers as they work toward compliance

AAF operates its Clean Air Innovation & Research Center (Clean AIR Center) in Program Louisville, Kentucky, which has become the world-leading location for the advancement of air filtration for HVAC applications. This facility is equipped with the most modern instrumentation to determine efficiency, pressure drop, and other operating parameters of air filters, filter media, and raw material components, in order to advance the science of filtration for our customers. Multiple test ducts are capable of testing filters per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007, European Standard EN779, and the new ISO 16890 International Standard. Other ducts are dedicated to determining the dust holding capacity of air filters. Several unique test setups are available to predict the life cycle and energy usage of air filtration products to provide a unique perspective on what is happening in the customers’ facility as it relates to filtration, as well as the larger impact to the facility and its personnel as a whole.

The laboratory also has a duct capable of testing filters to the UL 900 Standard for Air Filters for the evaluation of a filter’s combustibility and smoke generation potential. These ducts are in constant use, evaluating new R & D product developments, supporting quality audits of AAF’s manufacturing facilities, assisting with customer requested testing, and assessing competitor product performance. The Clean AIR Center maintains a database of all completed testing for rapid access by AAF sales and support staff to deliver rapid customer-focused results.

AAF understands the critical environments in which HEPA/ULPA filters are used. To provide the highest quality product, we factory test every HEPA/ULPA filter we manufacture. We use the recommended practices of High efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) – EN1822 as the basis for our test protocols.

Test Types:

  • Efficiency Test
  • Leak Scan Testing
  • Automatic Scanning Method
  • Pressure Drop Measurement
  • Filtration Media Test


ISO 16890
ISO 29463



  • Comes with individual HEPA & ULPA filters

The test report contains the following:

  • Filter model
  • Filter specifications
  • The filter serial number
  • The test time
  • Tester
  • Test the air volume
  • Aerosol type
  • Aerosol concentration
  • Aerosol particle size
  • Temperature, humidity
  • Filter resistance
  • Total filter efficiency
  • Maximum number of leaks


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