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Varisorb CE: The Ultimate AMC Filtration Solution

With all the air filters present in the semiconductor industry, what makes the VariSorbCE different?
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The SEMICON Southeast Asia 2022 is being held from the 21st to 23rd of June 2022 besides celebrating AAF Asia’s Golden Anniversary of manufacturing excellence in the E&E industry, also focuses on building a resilient and sustainable electronics supply chain in SEA.

With one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers as our client, AAF has always focused on the importance of clean air solutions in the semiconductor industry. As a prominent air filter manufacturer, the four main areas to focus on in the industry include the cleanroom, make-up air unit, tools filter, and the office. In all this, the main challenge will be the removal of airborne molecular contaminant (AMC). As this blog progresses, we will be taking a deeper look into AMC filters and the VariSorb CE, which has been touted as the ultimate solution for terminal AMC filtration for cleanrooms.

Air Filter Manufacturers Producing AMC Filters

When it comes to filtration in semiconductor, the typical particulate filtration methods are not effective as AMC need to be controlled from the front-end to the backend of line operations. This can be achieved fab-wide using filtration in makeup, recirculating air handlers, or even filtration at specific critical processes. Simply put, as the semiconductor industry continues to develop, methods of controlling AMC need to evolve too.

Types of AMC Filters

As we mentioned, normal compressed air filters don’t stand a chance against AMC and aren’t suited for conventional filtration methods. They will only be removed by absorption, adsorption, chemisorption, oxidation, or ion exchange process. Typically, activated carbon filters are used for AMC due to their large specific surface area, rich porous structure, and high adsorption capacity.

Revolutionary Air Filter Manufacturer Introduces the VariSorb CE

Now, to the star of the show: The VariSorb CE! As the ultimate solution for terminal AMC filtration for cleanroom. It is generally used together with Fan Filter Unit (FFU), Equipment Fan Filter Unit (EFU), and other equipment to reduce the concentration of AMC.

The VariSorb CE is constructed with a chemical filter with a metal cell side which provides sturdy construction and is suitable for convenient and flexible installation either above or below FFU/EFU. A vital feature includes its high adsorption capacity and high removal efficiency thanks to the mini carbon granules embedded between two non-woven synthetic layers. This makes the filter material finer and smaller, better for the AMC contact process offering a faster removal process.

The VariSorb CE’s high filtration efficiency is also aided thanks to its media selection which involves three types of media (activated carbon, impregnated carbon, ion exchange resin). The media layer can be composed of 1-3 layers of different media used for the removal of multiple gases in a single filter.

AAF Asia, The Right Air Filter Manufacturer For You

AAF Asia has been a champion of premium air quality and air filtration processes for 100 years. We’re not only there for the filter installation process but also providing guidance all the way through. Contact us for more information on the VariSorb CE and the various air filtration solutions we can offer you.

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