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Quality Air From One Of The World’s Largest Air Filter Manufacturers

Adapting to the new normal is not just limited to wearing masks and social distancing anymore. There is a need to also provide for a clean indoor environment to prevent airborne viruses and unwanted particles from getting into our respiratory system. From 1921 to 2021, AAF Asia has been constantly finding innovative ways to evolve according to clients’ needs. AAF Asia takes great care in providing quality air purifiers that function effectively and efficiently to improve IAQ (indoor air quality) and provide fresh, clean, and quality air to the people. 

Here’s why AAF Asia has been the global leader in clean air solutions for 100 years (and still going!) as well as being one of the world’s largest air filter manufacturer! We understand that the current situation can be highly stress-inducing and worrisome, put your mind at ease with AAF air filters and AAF App as you can visualise indoor air quality in real-time. Everything you need to know about the air that’s surrounding you and your loved ones, all in a single interface.

Broad Range of Air Purifiers Manufactured according to Industrial Medical Standards

As one of the world’s largest air filter manufacturer, AAF Asia carries an extensive range of air purifiers for both commercial and residential industries that has been manufactured according to high industrial medical standards. What this essentially means is that they are specifically designed to reduce airborne contaminants and improve air quality for a safer environment. 

AstroPure 550C: Perfect for Offices and Commercials

The AstroPure 550C for example, is perfect for homes, offices, and clinics. Especially great for vet clinics or those with pets, it can filter out pet dander and ultra fine particles (PM1) with 99.995% efficiency.  The AstroPure 550C operates with 3 stages of air filtration (Prefilter, H14 True HEPA filter, Carbon filter) and is equipped with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) that inactivate viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms. Besides, it also comes with cutting edge sensors that are able to detect volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde that is classified as a carcinogen.

Breathe In Quality, Fresh Air With AstroCube

If you’re on the search to freshen up your life with a powerful air purifier that brings in purified fresh air and fits into just about any space, the AstroCube would be your best bet. Besides its 3 stages of filtration and antivirus H14 HEPA filter, the AstroCube comes with heat recovery features for better energy saving. Heat recovery is when air being expelled is used to cool the incoming hot air, which subsequently reduces the cooling required, and thus saving a substantial amount of energy and your electricity bills.

Remove Airborne Contaminants Effectively With AstroPure 450/600N

Let’s not forget AAF Asia’s industrial air purifiers that have been designed to operate at maximum efficiency at hospitals, airports, hotels, and more. The AstroPure 450, for example, is integrated with multi-stage high-performance filters and 100% leak-free tested to reduce the risk of airborne infection. Check out our range of air purifiers products available in AAF Asia that are sure to tick all of your boxes.

Visualising the Air You Breathe 

As mentioned above, AAF Asia allows you to visualise your indoor air quality in real time with our very own AAF Connect App. Connect your AAF air purifiers with the app and improve your air quality experience at just a tap away.

Monitor & Control Indoor Air Quality In Just A Tap!

AAF Connect App allows you to:

  1. Access your devices from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Control multiple AAF Asia devices & share access with multiple users.
  3. Boost productivity by automating your devices with seamless scheduling.
  4. Personalise your dashboard for ease of real-time air quality monitoring.

The app is freely available to download on iOS & Android and supports 50+ languages. 

Reducing the risk of airborne infection has been the No. 1 priority for all, protect your people, processes, and systems with the highest quality air purifiers from one of the world’s largest air filter manufacturer, AAF Asia. Should you require assistance with any air filtration products or solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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