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SAAF Tech Tools

SAAF Tech Tools is a decision-science software for configuring clean air products to remove airborne gaseous contaminants. This decision science software walks you through the entire process by using application-specific data and predefined applications, including industry-specific information. Our software works to identify optimal media solutions, the size or volume required, their projected efficiency on a given application, and the equipment needed—ultimately creating a rapidly customized submittal package.

SAAF Tech Tools simplifies the complexities surrounding gas-phase applications through a guided problem-solving experience. It starts with a built-in table of over 900 gas-phase contaminants, 10 different chemical media designed to target and remove those contaminants, and over 30 possible equipment solutions per application. From there, the chemical media life, operating cost index, and other key variables can be set within a user-specified range to narrow down the results, based on which factor or factors are most important for the application being analyzed.

Using chemical media utilization algorithms, SAAF Tech Tools estimates an optimized chemical media solution for you. Based on the data entered, a quick look chemical media report is generated with your initial assessment, results, and proposed solution.In addition, a full chemical media submittal may be generated that includes spec sheets, safety data sheets, and all pertinent literature for the proposed solution. After the media selection phase, the next step is to select the proper equipment design from a comprehensive list of possible solutions that is based on your application requirements. This program gives you the ability to sort and filter equipment options to arrive at the optimum solution. A quick look equipment report showing your assessment, results, and operating cost index is generated, as well as a full equipment submittal, including all selected chemical media details, equipment drawings, equipment IOMs, and all pertinent literature.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is the final step in determining the solution to your gas-phase application. A financial considerations report is generated indicating the capital investment of the solution and ongoing chemical media replacement requirements, along with a TCO report outlining the total cost of the solution over a ten-year period. AAF delivers the latest advancements in gas-phase filtration system design, analysis, and optimization to help organizations save time and money while reducing risk.

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