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Global leader in clean air solution for years

System Cost Optimization


System Cost Optimization

Today’s competitive business landscape is becoming increasingly complex and competitive, which means everyone must do “more with less.” Unfortunately, this culture is wreaking havoc on facilities in the form of deferred maintenance. By reacting to issues, rather than preventing them, even the smallest delays can add up to exorbitant costs due to:

  • Equipment failure
  • Safety risks and insurance claims
  • Facility disrepair
  • Energy overspending

HVAC – The System Most Affected by Deferred Maintenance

When HVAC systems are not maintained on time or as planned, they do not perform
as they should, costing you time and money. Energy costs are up to 81% higher in
facilities with deferred maintenance. 71% of this increase is HVAC related. With half of a facility’s energy costs attributed to heating, cooling, and moving air, proper filter maintenance is essential to keeping HVAC systems operating effectively and efficiently. The proper selection of air filters is critical to a system’s performance and can extend the life of components, decrease energy spend, and reduce labor costs.

Optimize Preventative Maintenance Schedules & Total Cost of Ownership

Filters play an important role in reducing your deferred maintenance backlog, so having an optimized program for filter maintenance and replacement is vital to a facility’s operations. TCO Diagnostic® is a HVAC filtration system analysis program that helps reduce deferred maintenance backlogs and decrease reactive time by analyzing each facility’s HVAC data, optimizing preventative maintenance schedules, and extending changeout cycles at the lowest total cost of ownership. This tool provides a complete optimization of your filtration system to determine the most effective and efficient filter selection based on your facility’s needs, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

Click here to learn more about TCO Diagnostic.

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