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Applying Air Filtration Solutions In The Workplace

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What are air filtration solutions? Air filtration solutions are methods used to ensure your air filters are still operating at the highest level in maintaining air quality. This applies further in industries that work with complex machinery pieces, but the filtration solution differs for each industry.

Air filtration solutions are a necessary part of every industry as it ensures cost savings and alerts industry managers of any system errors that may result in long-term damages. At AAF Asia, we offer four different air filtration solutions, which are Real-Time Monitoring, Filter Testing Services, System Cost Optimization, and Air Filtration Audit.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring involves using an innovative, cloud-based IoT platform, Sensor 360®, which allows you to understand and plan their air filter performance. Its patented technology demonstrates the effectiveness of a building’s filtration by monitoring its particulate filtration levels.

It also monitors pressure to determine the filter media change-out point, which offers the best value and energy efficiency. When the IAQ levels are unacceptable, a sensor will send an alert via an app to resolve the issues.

Filter Testing Services

This solution ensures sensitive equipment and quality control measures are met. In any instance, we will also provide the most efficient and cost-effective systems for the application. We provide HEPA & ULPA filter testing as these filters are used widely in heavy industries and can’t face any risk of any contaminants. 

Making EN1822 the basis of our test protocols, we use the recommended practices of high-efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA, and ULPA). Our test types include:

  • Efficiency test
  • Leak scan testing
  • Automatic scanning method
  • Pressure Drop Measurement
  • Filtration Media Test

Industrial applications can’t risk contaminants disrupting their work process so, here’s where filtration solutions come in handy.

System Cost Optimization

Next in our air filtration solution is system cost optimization, specifically for HVAC systems. Their performance is also affected with improper maintenance, costing you time and money. Proper filter maintenance is required to keep HVAC systems operating effectively.

At AAF Asia, we provide a solution by optimizing preventative maintenance schedules and the total cost of ownership. TCO Diagnostic® is an HVAC filtration system analysis program that helps reduce deferred maintenance backlogs and decrease reactive time by analyzing each facility’s HVAC data. It provides a complete optimization to determine the filtration needs your facility requires.

Air Filtration Audit

We first need to be aware that improper air filtration will only lead to higher energy costs. By conducting an air filtration audit, we will be able to understand your current filtration state and propose methods on how your HVAC systems can perform optimally.

With an air filtration audit, you can also obtain professional guidance to reduce your energy spending, decrease your risk and save your time. Besides that, obtain a report to guide you on how your HVAC systems can perform better.

So, with these filtration solutions, your air filtration systems can perform at their best without the risk of neglect and other contaminants. Contact AAF Asia to conduct your air filtration solutions today!

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