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Total Clean Air Solution: The Key Efficiencies Of Bag Filters

Bag filters function as a device for air pollution control, especially in highly challenging environments. Packing both maximized filtration needs and high dust removal capacity, bag filters are a must-have in power plants, pharmaceutical product manufacturers, and food producers. They most commonly appear in HVAC systems and are placed into exhaust systems to control them from any external pollutants.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of using a bag filter.

1. Dust-Holding Capacity

A filter’s dust holding capacity is measured by the amount of dust it can hold while still maintaining its efficiency within a specified pressure drop.

2. Durability

Due to the bag filters being manufactured with high-efficiency synthetic media, they require low maintenance, hence a low total cost of ownership…

3. Easy Installation

Besides maximizing filtration needs, bag filters are a convenient choice as they are compatible with any air handling unit or equipment, which is said to be one of the bag filter’s biggest advantages,
Add another point:

4. Customization

AAF understands different applications require different types of bag filters, where customers may require customized number of pocket holes & filter depth, corresponding to blower efficiency, in AAF, we provide all range of customization, your one-stop clean air solution provider.

AAF Asia & Our Collection of Premium Bag Filters

At AAF Asia, we pride ourselves on our wide range of bag filters from G4 to F9 removal efficiencies, that are manufactured with high-efficiency synthetic or fiberglass media to maximize the filtration needs, complete with a high dust holding capacity. For example, the DriPak® 2000 comes equipped with a high-loft layered melt-blown synthetic media, stronger than fiberglass. This renders it ideal for healthcare facilities, automotive paint booths, commercial buildings, and a variety of industrial applications.

Alternatively, we also have the DriPak® 25 with its patented pocket design and sturdy construction. It is particularly suited for challenging operating conditions, including variable air volume, turbulent airflow, and repeated fan shutdown.

For more information on AAF Asia’s bag filters, visit our website and contact us today to maximize your filtration needs.

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